The test of a good school is how well it understands and supports boys through their sometimes-difficult teenage years.

Our dedicated teachers and carers are keenly interested in the welfare of their pupils. Centred on the tutor system and House communities, a strong, individualised system of pastoral care ensures that every pupil enjoys his time at Taylors鈥.

Tutors are supported by the Heads of Section, Chaplain and the School Counsellor, who can be contacted independently and confidentially by any pupil or parent. There is also extensive mentoring of younger boys by older ones.

We have extensive, formal mechanisms of support, but boys will often turn to a friend rather than anyone else. The real strength of 麻豆成人电影鈥 is the network of friendships amongst the boys, singled out as 鈥榦utstanding鈥 in the Inspection Report of 2014. 鈥淧upils demonstrate an exceptional standard of personal development鈥 The outstanding levels of behaviour and the significant generosity shown through so many facets of school life result in well-rounded and mature pupils who make a substantial contribution to the wider society. Relationships between staff and pupils, and  among the pupils themselves, are positive and highly respectful throughout. Tutors exercise a key role in supporting their tutees鈥.

We keep the school rules as simple as possible. Good behaviour is warmly encouraged: unacceptable behaviour dealt with swiftly. Of course, boys are boys, and most will make the odd mistake along the way. That is what learning is all about and the atmosphere here is positive, never punitive.


Well-being is the experience of health, happiness and the ability to prosper. Looking after our well-being can have a positive impact on every part of our life. The aim of the school is to encourage boys to understand the significance of well-being and equip them to take proactive steps to maintain or improve their own experience both at school and in their wider lives.